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10 Tips To Lose Weight Naturally & Without Depriving Yourself !

Our pace sometimes hellish lifestyle , stress, prepared food, poor diet ... Here are all factors of weight gain. At a time when you are touting this or that miracle diet, I'll reveal 10 simple tips to apply but very effective for weight loss naturally. Of course you will not lose 10kg in 1 week but your weight loss will be regular and this without missing. 

First a reminder even if it is obvious. Avoid snacks, appetizers too frequent and have the most balanced diet. Here these 10 tips that will change your diet and strengthen your body . 


10 Tips To Lose Weight Naturally & Without Depriving Yourself ! 

1. Avoid alcohol to lose weight naturally :

This is the first thing!
Alcohol is sugar! Excessive consumption of alcohol will make you gain weight almost surely and, in addition, will harm your body. Prefer a fresh fruit juice Keep alcohol to exceptional moments of sharing with friends or family.

2. Avoid ready meals :

To lose weight naturally, avoid dishes that are often not balanced, too salty and too fatty. For the most part they give you too many calories and too much salt in the food industry "ready" promote water retention.
It is possible to cook balanced without spending hours. Prepare your meals in advance, arrange and prefer fresh fruits and vegetables in season. 

3-Do not eat in front of the TV and not too fast :

By focusing your mind on the TV instead of the food you eat you will not be satisfied with food. So you'll still be hungry and you'll want to refill. This applies even if you eat too fast, you will not have time to be satisfied. So you may eat more than necessary.

4-Drink :

Remember to hydrate yourself!
And drink without food for better digestion. Proper hydration will help eliminate waste from your body.

5-Avoid anything that is refined :

Banish refined foods!
White sugar, white flour, white salt, stabilized oils ... We refined foods because they are easier to maintain, but they  also removes all the good for our body (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fibers, proteins, ...).
Therefore prefer wholemeal bread white bread, buy gray salt, brown sugar, ... Use preferably the wind or complete T80 or T110 flour .

6-Thoroughly chew your food :

Chew is essential!
This reduces food and allows the enzymes in the saliva of the cutting molecules. But it will also help you and especially to be full faster!
Take the time to eat, chew each bite until it is almost liquid. Savor every bite. Focus on the different textures, different flavors ... We talk about eating consciousness.
Be aware of what you eat! The more you take the time to eat, the more you will be satisfied quickly. Doing so increases the quantity.

7-Limit meat : 

Reduce meat products will help you lose weight naturally!
The meat is a fatty food. Opt for vegetable protein by combining grains and legumes, consuming dried fruits,Try not to eat meat 2 times a week. Enjoy your body and your wallet too!

8-Use a smaller plate :

This trick seems ridiculous and yet it is a good way to fool our brains. This is a very well suited for people who like large quantities trick. In the latter having a small plate looks fuller ... We therefore used less food without having the impression that our plate is empty. 

9- Do not cook too big quantity :

Avoid excessive amounts of cooking because it makes you refill. Cook just the right amount so as not to be tempted.
If you cook so having several meals, immediately book the portion to be eaten later.

10-Limiting stress :

Stress is a factor in weight gain and bulimia.
It is important to reduce stress to avoid overeating. Same meals should happen in the quiet and good humor to allow proper digestion.

  For problems related to stress bulimia
You can try gemmotherapy. Hawthorn buds or fig have good results on bulimia-related stress.
You will find hawthorn buds or fig radius Gemmothérapie Around the shop Natural.

-During meals :
To reduce stress before eating, you can practice abdominal breathing before meals.
Inhale deeply through the abdomen and exhale slowly deflating belly. Then let your belly inflate and exhale ...
Practice a ten abdominal breaths before and after each meal. While you breathe, relax, smile, relax your muscles.

-Reduce stress in general :

 If you apply these rules of conduct you will lose weight naturally and permanently! In addition, you will feel better and be healthier.
Now it's up to you to lose weight! Feel free to share with us your weight loss icon smile 10 tips to lose weight naturally and effortlessly! 

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