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9 Spices,Herbs for Weight Loss : Natural Health

People suffering from obesity are affected with heart problems, hypertension, and other important organs and systems in the body. People trying to lose excess weight by using different products that ensure reducing weight. These weight loss products are available as "weight loss drugs and herbs. They do not reduce the weight overnight, by herbs or drugs. Several plants are available to lose weight in a healthy and proper diet with good training.Most people go to grass after using harmful drugs. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the only ways to reduce weight in a healthy way. Now a days, people use natural methods to get rid of many problems. Medicinal plants and herbs are used for the treatment of many diseases, including weight reduction. Herbs for weight loss have become very popular now a days.Various herbs are available for weight reduction. These herbs work well for some people, but they may not work all the people. This depends mainly on the age of individuals, metabolism and response. The two categories for losing weight safely are appetite suppressants and stimulants.Herbs for weight loss:

1-Ginger :

Exercise creates body heat that helps you burn calories. Ginger also creates internal heat that revs your metabolism. Ginger is nearly calorie-free, and when used in cooking or brewed in tea, it can give you a slight advantage in meeting your weight loss goals. Ginger is not a replacement for a calorie-reduced diet, but it may augment a sensible eating and exercise plan.

2-Hoodia Gordonii:

This is the most effective way to lose weight plant because it suppresses appetite. Therefore, this leads to reduced calorie consumption. This should not be used by diabetics.


It is an ancient remedy that reduces cholesterol and helps maintain weight. If it is used as a weight reduction program, increases thyroid levels and therefore improves the functioning of the thyroid. This also improves the metabolism and is a plant for effective weight loss.


It contains œcapsaicin which stimulates digestion and increases metabolism. This fat burning in the body and also the natural weight loss. This is also known to suppress appetite.

5-Green Tea:

These antioxidants as œ catechins.that stimulate the burning of fat by increasing metabolism. Green tea has many health benefits others as well as prevent water retention in the body and also protects the health of the liver.

6-Fennel : 

Fennel comes originally from the Mediterranean coast that he diuretic natural and powerful effects in weight loss and improves digestion and helps the body get rid of waste so it is essential for weight loss. helps to get rid of water in the body, sodium and potassium, and things that should not exist in our bodies in abundance.
7-Cinnamon : 

Was imported to Egypt from 2000 BC to the effect of insulin-like cinnamon help to promote a feeling of fullness in the brain and liver to help regulate blood sugar and reduce cholesterol.

 8-Latency : 

comes from the Mediterranean region. is used to taste delicious thanks to the bitter taste is a matter of warmth boosts metabolism to break up the fat from the body through the furnace fueled internal activates the liver's ability to purify the toxins found in foods we eat demented teaspoon twice or three times a week.

9-Turmeric :

 May seem like an innocent spice that you are used to hear mentioned in discussion about how to make curry is in fact packed full of benefits such as allowing you to block fat in your diet prevention unwanted storage of fat perfect for times when you are trying to lose weight.

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  1. Appreciated!!! My brother has obesity problem. Whenever we planned to go outside to play football, he refused because he feels problem in running. I feel so bad for him. He badly need a weight loss program that seriously helps him. On suggestion of my friend he started following diet plan,which is totally based on healthy and natural methods to lose weight so I think it won't result "yo-yo" effect this time like some other methods do.