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Preventing Cancer: 11 natural Tips to lower your risk of being struck.

Preventing Cancer: 11 natural Tips to lower your risk of being struck.

  1. The last thirty years, cancer has doubled in the world, and estimates indicate that it could triple by 2030. Clearly, we need to begin to seriously address cancer prevention.
  2. The impressive potential of curcumin to fight cancer should not forget that a healthy lifestyle - not the absorption of any quantities of food supplements - is the BEST way to avoid becoming a new statistical havoc cancer. My belief is that you can potentially eliminate your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, and drastically improve your chances of cure if you are currently affected by following these strategies to reduce risk:
  3.  greatly decrease your intake of sugars and starches (foods containing a large amount of starch). This will allow you to normalize your insulin level in your blood, a hormone that stimulates the growth of cancer cells. This is one of the most effective steps you can take to decrease your risk of cancer, and to do this, reduce your intake of sugar, cereals and potatoes is the priority. The elimination of high glycemic index foods is particularly important because they are the ones that stimulate the higher your insulin.
  4.      Optimize your vitamin D levels, to maintain between 50 and 70 ng / mL. Scientific evidence that show that a vitamin D deficiency plays a crucial role in the development of cancer is overwhelming. Researchers in this field have estimated that about 30% of cancer deaths could be prevented each year by optimizing the vitamin D levels in the general population.In your personal level, you can decrease your risk of cancer by half or more, simply by exposing yourself to enough sunshine throughout the year, but this is rarely sufficient in our countries with low levels of sunshine. The use of an oral supplement of vitamin D is often essential. If you are being treated for cancer, it is likely that higher vitamin D levels (80 to 90 ng / ml) will be beneficial.
  5.      Get regular exercise: there is convincing evidence that physical exercise greatly reduces your risk of cancer, primarily by reducing insulin levels and normalizing anabolic hormones. For example, women who exercise regularly can reduce their risk of breast cancer by 20 to 30% compared to inactive. Exercise does not need to be intensive, on the contrary, it must be frequent and varied.
  6.      Increase your intake of fatty acids omega-3 animal (EPA and DHA). Numerous studies suggest that they play a role in the control of inflammation and in the effectiveness of the immune system to fight cancer cells :
  7.      Eat plenty of vegetables, ideally fresh and organic, emphasizing colorful vegetables and especially green leafy vegetables and cruciferous, that is to say all sorts of cabbage but also radishes and watercress, which interesting anti-cancer properties.
  8.      Equip yourself with a personal technique to reduce your negative emotions that may activate your cancer genes. Yoga, prayer, meditation, relaxation therapy are some of the ways to restore a suitable inner balance. If you are already affected by the disease these techniques can help you fight the disease.
  9.      Maintain your ideal weight;
  10.      Getting enough sleep, and a good quality sleep;
  11.      Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins like pesticides, household chemicals, air fresheners, air pollution and toxins from plastics such as bisphenol A.
  12.      Cooking with an emphasis on soft modes of cooking: poaching, steaming, boiling, rather than frying. Avoid absolutely barbecuing. 

Note: I remind you that in case of a real health problem, you should consult a doctor or other specialist. The remedies that are presented to you are brought to your attention and only indicative.

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