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Benefits Of Fasting That Will Surprise You .

to be a better physical and mental :

Nowadays more and more people are looking for a physical and mental wellness, and fasting is fully in this process. Indeed fasting brings a deep body detoxification, renewed vitality and a clearer vision of  life.

-What is fasting?

You know it's abstinence from food for a relatively long time, when it happens it is already 24 hours fasting; before talking about skipping a meal or two, it is not really fast. The maximum duration of fasting is not fixed as we speak historically often fasting 40 days.

Wonder on our pace of life is to eat during the day and night fasting. When we eat late night appetite at breakfast is not the appointment is a sign that the night fasting has not ended (or hungry!) And can continue. In English the word "breakfast" means as the French word "lunch" break the fast.
Each night sleeping cares for herself calm, warm and confident; these are the ingredients necessary for the success of any fasting.

So fasting is to refrain from eating, drinking and sometimes even when it comes to dry fast, and of course there it does not last 40 days. It is therefore an important method of purification, a process by which a little mysterious to some, will allow the body to mobilize new energies to rebuild tissue, eliminate overloads and govern this phenomenon, which is dear to us in naturopathy is self-healing, somehow stimulate this cellular intelligence, biological intelligence, which will better manage our health, much better than does our reason, our intellect.

-Origin of fasting :

We know that fasting in history has been practiced from East to West in all major traditional societies, and it is regularly associated with rites, because there is a magic of fasting as there is a magic purification: fasting preceding inductions, adoubements of chivalry, Tibetan initiations, Indian, Egyptian, of course, Celtic, Mayan, there are obvious traces Bible and also in Indian thought ... so the story does not lack testimonials.

The history of Hounzas people, among others cited by the Doctor and Dr. Kousmine Lützner is exemplary. The people of the high valleys of the central Himalayas living virtually isolated from the rest of the world does not always have enough to feed its people throughout the year, until the barley is ripe, he fasted for weeks while working its annelles spots, in joy and without the need superficial. He knew neither the disease nor the police and the daily life of Hounzas obeyed only natural principles. Today the valley has become available, the Hounzas import refined products (flour, canned goods, sugar) and disease characteristics of the civilized world have made their appearance, and the need for police.

-Why fast? :

Because of the abundance of food, often too rich and lack of daily exercise, our body stores excess calories that can not burn. Because of this contamination it becomes impossible for him to regenerate its cells efficiently, and eliminate stored toxins from pollution, food additives, stress ...
All this weighs on us, makes us more easily sick, tired as vitality. So it makes sense to voluntarily reintroduce a time of scarcity, which allows the body to burn fat reserves, renew cells and eliminate toxins. In order, the body eliminates anything that weighs him and what he does not need, and what bothers and finally everything that makes him sick.

This is a facelift for our whole body.

Remember that sick children spontaneously fast, leaving their bodies to self-restore (the word restoration does not mean only power). Similarly in animals fasting is a method of survival programmed by nature and lets you skip periods without food. Include migratory birds that make their long term fasting and drawing on their reserves of fat accumulated during the summer. Ibex, chamois, deer and have to fight against the snow and cold, will also perform the rut and deploy more power during this period of fasting.
Fasting is not synonymous with fatigue in animals, on the contrary.

-4 rules of fasting according to Dr. Lützner :

- Refrain from eating but drinking a lot (water, herbal teas, vegetable broths, diluted fruit juice).
- Remove everything that is not essential and we night: alcohol, tobacco, sweets, ...
- Freedom from daily life: work, telephone, news, worries, to go to the meeting itself.
- Behave naturally and do what is good for our body: rest, oxygenation, movement, reading, music ...

-Different forms of fasting :

Fasting most commonly practiced and the easiest is the water fast that boils down to drink without any solid food.

Depending on its duration is short talk or dietary fasting if less than 7 days, average fasting between 1 and 2 weeks long or therapeutic fasting from 3 weeks, but it is done in clinic as in Germany for example. The German numbers having already practiced fasting, whereas it amounts to a few hundred at most in France is estimated at 2 million.

The water fasting Buchinger is on a week taking the morning tea, fruit juice cut with water during the day and in the evening a clear broth.

Dry fasting meanwhile admits no drink and can not be more than 2 or 3 days. It produces a deep cleaning of cells and can be practiced at the end of a water fast.

Somewhat in the same spirit of detoxification of the body include the monodiètes season, as the grape cure fall that combines pleasure and purification. Great fall cleaning, it appeals to all the organs of elimination: the skin, kidneys, liver, and intestines. It is also rejuvenating.

-The benefits of fasting :

  1. - Weight loss: even if the effects of a week of fasting go well beyond a simple diet, weight loss is associated with real, ranging from 5 to 10% by weight based on the weight of departure for more men and less for women. Note that a person without overweight lose the bare minimum it will resume elsewhere at the end of fasting.
  2. - Thorough cleaning: To remove excess fat due to overeating, toxins caused by stress and various pollutions.
  3. - Regeneration: digestive unused energy is redirected toward healing and scarring .
  4. - An increase in immune cells by activating the body's defense .
  5. - A deconditioning towards artificial stimulants and certain medications .
  6. - A new skin cleaning the inside of our body fasting can regain a more youthful skin and more flexible .
  7. - A prevention against many diseases and disorders of premature aging or menopause
  8. - Stimulation of all the senses .
  9. - A correction of hypertension and cholesterol after a week of fasting
  10. - A renewed vitality at the end of fasting, what the athletes preparing for competitions (Y. Noah C. Chabaud ...) .
  11. - A clearer vision of who we are and what we want, fasting will help us refocus, to go to the essentials.
  12. - A face to let go of life stress.
  13. - A turning point that helps make decisions in key moments of our lives.

-Cons-indications fasting 5 days :

Some people too weak could not enjoy the benefits of fasting as their life force is insufficient, eg in the case of insulin-dependent diabetes, depleted patients, devitalized, patients under heavy chemical medications (as the effect of drugs is multiplied and toxicity becomes uncontrollable) and pregnancy.

-Fasting alone or in groups :

It is possible to make a fast one, following for example the advice of Dr. Lützner in his book "How to revive fasting" and on condition of not being depressed, or helpless due to illness, or too tense and stressed or under heavy medication. This requires the will and courage but it is possible. Do not hesitate to get support from people who have fasted. You can fast wherever you feel comfortable, quiet, in a serene location, without constraint, away from the stress, noise ... Indeed this emptiness inside of fasting will be filled by the surrounding beauty through the 5 senses be awakened.
Do not forget that a fasting person is more sensitive to external disturbances and stress.

However group things are easier because each fasting is supported by others, and impressions, feelings, doubts and joys are shared. For the first several days of fasting is recommended to do outside their normal environment with someone experienced.
It is usually the 2nd or 3rd day you feel some fatigue due to the exhaustion of available glucose in the blood, then the body begins the conversion of fat into sugar. Nobody comes by chance fasting, and groups are not formed either by chance, as much serenity, deep exchanges emerge during fasting group.

The two largest are specialists fasting Shelton United States and Switzerland Bertholet and Désiré Mérien and Pierre-Valentin Marchesseau in France, all those who lived and spoke of fasting, also speak of the importance of the atmosphere .

They talk about the importance of climate as it is always more favorable to fast in a warm, mild climate, temperate, accompany fasting positive reading, relaxation, gentle exercise, contact with nature, Bath or massages.

-The inlet and outlet of the fast :

It is important to reduce its power before fasting to prepare the body gradually.
Five days before the fast, it is advisable to avoid tobacco, alcohol and stimulants.
3 days before fasting, avoid or reduce meat, fish, eggs and dairy products (animal protein) and the day before fasting is better to eat fruit or vegetables and drink plenty of water will.

Similarly at the end of a fast food recovery should be gradual over a equivalent to fasting period itself. So for a fast one week, we will monitor the supply next week emphasizing cooked and raw vegetables, fresh or dried fruit dipped between meals, oilseeds, sprouted seeds and whole grains, washed good bio oil first cold pressed olive kind more or soy nuts. Should be avoided during this recovery refined products and exciting, as well as fermented foods (bread and cheese), and animal proteins.

-The bowel during fasting :

You're looking at the naturopath Daniel Kieffer both necessary precautions and the short or medium fast preparations.
The first is to clear the digestive tract of all that can ferment, putrefy, stagnate, because obviously the intestinal and digestive transit in general will be very slow during fasting, and if you keep your body in 2, 3 or 4 previous meal and that you fast for 15 days, you can imagine the state of feces.
So we use a slight purging the night before the first day of fasting, which can be done simply with magnesium chloride, or one or two tablespoons of castor oil, or a few pellets purchased in dietary plants; the goal is not to give a diarrhea because it is tiring and debilitating, but cause within 6 hours stools that will empty the bowel.

Then the intestine has been emptied, it will have the scan because it is not enough to clear the furniture must remove dust, and the simpler it is a vegetable soup or boiled chard with cellulose, endive, leeks, fennel, celery, green beans, salad cooked, well cooked with spices that we eat as a soup and will be the last meal before entering the fast fibers. In this way we are sure that there will be no bound to putrefaction and against the fiber element, celluloses will clean, gently brush the intestine.

During fasting it can be very beneficial to make an enema with a chaise or a more sophisticated pocket or colonic irrigation is performed with specialized equipment. The effects of cleaning are amplified by fasting and an empty food intestine.

In the case of a weekly fast just take the evening soup greens and possibly a rectal shower, but it is not useful to get an arsenal of purgation or enema for a fasting day .

-And hunger :

It usually disappears at the beginning of the third day, when the body gets used to feed its reserves and expected more external power supply. This is a deprogramming habits meal which then operates.
The following days we feel very well, lighter. Fasting is not hungry and all the trainees noted with surprise.

-And healing crises :

These are all manifestations of the body that reflect the elimination include, for example, bad breath, rash buttons, urine and language loaded. They are not dangerous and can be modulated.

-And after fasting? :

A week of fasting is often an opportunity for awareness of our relationship with food and our bodies. The advice of a naturopath then make sense and allow calmly consider food resumption and continuation of a healthy lifestyle.

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