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6 Delicious Fat Flashing Drinks : Lose Weight Naturaly .

Losing weight is a common desire among both men and women. We all want to do it in a healthy and balanced way, this is our main goal. But sometimes you get tired of strict diets and were soon abandoned. That is why we want to tell you about another natural way to lose weight. These plants and herbs!

We'll show you plants that are also very easy to find. You can buy both in natural food stores and in supermarkets. We always recommend you to take in their natural form. Indeed, as can be the case of green tea, you can sometimes use in sachets that are sold for infusions. But these cases, then we lose the benefits of certain plant. So do not hesitate to go to the health food stores because that is where you will find these plants in the most natural possible way!
- Lemon Water :

 Water with lemon helps acidified the body, which in turn contributes to a better absorption of calcium. According to studies, a high calcium intake helps to burn fat for energy, and also prevents the accumulation of fat. Therefore, those who want to lose weight quickly, we interest to consume more calcium. However, it is recommended to focus not on pills containing calcium but on low-fat dairy products that are rich in protein. Thus, water with lemon for weight loss, helps to improve the absorption of calcium, and therefore promotes really lose weight.

- Green tea to lose weight :

What for?

Known for its antioxidant properties, green tea is as a great option for weight loss. To confirm this, there have been several studies conducted. They showed that when regularly drink green tea fat percentage is reduced by 30%, especially at the waist. Tea is a diuretic. With catechins available to it, the tea forces the body to get in thermogenesis to burn energy. Thus, it also prevents the accumulation of sugar in the form of fat.
How to eat?

You must drink tea 3 times a day and after every meal. After eating, wait at least half an hour. You should know that green tea can prevent iron is synthesized in the body: this is why we advocate the separation with meals. Make an infusion with a tablespoon of green tea leaves, boil and let stand a few minutes.
-Aloe vera :

What for?

     It reduces fat in the arteries. Thanks to its phytosterols, aloe vera reduces belly fat. This is in fact a dangerous fat surrounding the main organs. The aloe vera gel also reduces triglycerides.
     It reduces blood glucose. Phytosterols help control blood sugar, which helps us lose weight.
     It improves fat metabolism in the blood. The lophénol and cycloartanol aloe vera activate certain receptors that stimulate fat metabolism in the liver. So it helps us lose weight! It is also an excellent laxative, and aloe vera can also cleanse us of toxins.

How to eat?

To consume aloe vera, we will prepare a kind of juice. This drink will take in the morning. Just put a tablespoon of aloe vera pulp in the blender. You will see that it is thick and clear. Take only within this plant, without the skin. Then add a glass of water and a tablespoon of honey or royal jelly, as this will improve the taste. Mix everything well and drink the mixture slowly.
Tea with cinnamon bay

- cinnamon laurel :


What for?

If you've never tried this tea is really an opportunity to get started! This is one of the most common combinations for weight loss. In fact, this infusion is essential to food. The bay is a diuretic herb that eliminates water retention. Cinnamon, it helps to metabolize fat at the cellular level for energy. Indeed, its components based on terpenes and essential fatty acids are great for this. It is therefore an ideal mix to lose extra pounds!
How to eat?

You should take this tea 3 times a day: 1 cup before breakfast, one before lunch and one another half an hour before going to sleep. You only have to boil a cup of water and add a sprig of laurel and a piece of cinnamon stick. Then let rest and drink this wonderful tea!

- parsley :


What for?

Parsley is more than aromatic plant which falls our meals. Thanks to its components such as lysine and essential amino acids such as apiol, parsley is highly recommended for weight loss. In addition, it reduces cholesterol and has many vitamins and minerals such as iron in our body.

How to eat?

You can take the form of infusion. Pour a teaspoon of parsley in boiling water and let stand. You can take two drinks per day. You can also include the meal by mixing it with the juice of celery and carrot. The taste will be much more enjoyable!

- ginger :


What for?

     It improves digestion and has a satiating effect.
     It burns fat. In addition to removing water, it also removes fats of our body.
     It helps to control blood glucose
     It prevents inflammation of the abdomen (bloating)
     It improves your metabolism.

How to eat?

It is important to consume ginger before meals, at least fifteen minutes before lunch and dinner. This will improve your digestion, and therefore it will prevent fat from accumulating in your body. Simply grate the ginger for a similar amount to a teaspoon. Then put it in boiling water, then let sit this infusion.

Note: I remind you that in case of a real health problem, you should consult a doctor or other specialist. The remedies that are presented to you are brought to your attention and only indicative.

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