Saturday, July 19, 2014

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes: Testing 6 Homemade Remedies

In summer, mosquitoes multiply and transform the lives of some quite a hassle! not to mention allergic people react strongly.

There are of course insecticide sprays, mosquito plugs, creams spread on the body ... to keep mosquitoes away, but for the most part, these products are toxic to the environment and health.

Here are some methods to repel mosquitoes naturally and safely .

1- lemongrass :

Lemongrass, by its strong odor, is very effective against mosquitoes. It can be used in various forms.

You can first be planted under windows or around your terraces. This will have a repellent effect on mosquitoes.

You can also put a few drops of citronella or lemongrass essential oil on your pillow. This will protect you at night.

There are also Roll'on easy to apply to the citronella.

2 - basil :

Plant basil near your windows and terraces. Or just have a pot of basil on your window. Mosquitoes will be repelled.

3 - eucalyptus :

You can use the eucalyptus essential and possibly combine the lemongrass oil.
Other repellent plants against mosquitoes

Other plants have a repellent against mosquitoes. You can use:

     lemon geranium
     lemon thyme
     lemon verbena

Use these plants near your terraces, balconies or windows to repel mosquitoes.

4 - Spiral Incense neem :

Neem is a tropical tree up to 20m tall and live 200 years.

This tree has so many virtues that Indians advised to plant one near each home. Its popular name was even "the village pharmacy".

Among other properties (natural pesticide, fungicide ...), neem is very good for repelling mosquitoes.

Simply place the spiral outdoors or indoors near a window and turn it on. When you want to stop the burning, you put a few drops of water on the tip. You can then reuse.

You can find these spirals neem on the internet, including the store of organic and ecological products Greenweez.

5 - ultrasound :

Ultrasound can be terribly effective. These devices emit ultrasonic sounds only perceived by mosquitoes that have the effect of keeping them at bay. You can put that type of device in your room. Do not use outdoors to avoid the risk of disturbing other insects such as bees that are necessary for our environment and might be disoriented by the ultrasound.

6 - Avoid stagnant water :

Mosquitoes like stagnant water and breed. Therefore eliminate all the places where water stagnate (pan, pot, tired ...). If you have a pool or a pond, put a few goldfish. They feed on mosquito larvae.

How about you? what is your solution to repel mosquitoes? If you have other tips to naturally fight against mosquitoes, share them in the comments of this article.

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