Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The causes of fatigue(exaustion) ,lack of energy and Muscel Weakness :

  A brief overview of different possible causes of lack of energy and fatigue. 

Unless you already have a good idea of ​​the cause of our lack of energy, the first thing to do to try to overcome our fatigue is to sleep ...! Who knows, maybe our energy is it soaring along with our sleep? To find out, we evaluate our habits: If your late-layer? Our sleep is disturbed it? A do you usually do for insomnia? Then, according to our assessment, we try to make the necessary adjustments. For example, lie an hour earlier, our problems insomnia consulting a specialist if needed, etc.. In addition, afford to sleep for a few days according to our natural rhythm would be ideal. "This is going to bed and getting up without an alarm, says Isabelle Patenaude, osteopath clinic Spinal Movement Montreal. Our body is allowed to rest on the number of hours needed. A little sleep cure, somehow! "If we find that our tiredness persists beyond a week or two despite the positive changes in our sleep patterns, our doctor is consulted to ensure that disease is not involved.
  • The energy diseases :
Of course, when you are sick, regardless of the disease, our energy often takes a beating. However, some diseases have the effect of draining our energy without even being aware that this is achieved! 
  • Anemia :
There is a lack of iron and our red blood cells are not numerous enough to carry oxygen to our organs. "For women, it always checks if too profuse menstruation are not the cause, said Dr. Sylvain Dion, general practitioner and president of the Association of Physicians of Quebec CLSC. It can also be a digestive occult bleeding, ie bleeding a patient can not see itself. "For anemia, a doctor prescribe doses of iron.
    Mononucleosis :

    Caused by a virus, the disease is manifested by extreme fatigue, sore throat, swollen glands and general weakness. It is diagnosed by a blood test. Our immune system will get rid of one. Dr. Alain B├ędard, GP Medical Centre Quatre-Bourgeois in Quebec recommend for our recovery moisturize us, to rest, keep warm and avoid big efforts.
    Hypothyroidism :

      It is a disease that affects 2 to 8 times more women than men. Our thyroid gland, located at the base of the neck, then idles. Our metabolism too! It may be cold and suddenly tired. Dr. Dion also compares the thyroid gland in our body thermostat. Hypothyroidism is regulated by thyroid hormone replacement plug.

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