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Cold & Flu Home Remedies : Flu season is drawing near, here is a great natural flu shot !!

Perhaps this is just a common cold, but it is anything but funny. As for the flu, it can exaust you literally. Fortunately, if you act quickly, for example by taking any of these home remedies you can relieve some of your misery naturaly .

1 - Cold start :

Take a cure thyme, lemon and elderflower. Disinfects thyme, lemon provides vitamin C and elderberry helps eliminate toxins. Prepare a liter of tea with thyme handle, a slice of lemon and a pinch of elderflower. Sweeten if desired with honey, and drink this tea hot or cold throughout the day.

 2  - Runny nose :

Clean your nose with salt water. Dissolve 2 teaspoons coarse sea salt in a glass of water or distilled warm mineral water. Blow your nose and instill the liquid into each nostril with a dropper.

  - Eucalyptus has beneficial effects on airway inflammation. It relieves the symptoms of colds and flu, including coughs and sore throats.

3 - Internally, eucalyptus is used by :

- Infusion. Let steep for 2 to 3 g of dried eucalyptus leaves in 150 ml of boiling water for 10 min, at 2 cups per day.
- Tincture (1: 5). Take 10 to 15 ml, 2 times daily.
- Essential oil. Take 2 to 6 drops per day of eucalyptus essential oil on a neutral pellet. This usage is not recommended for young children or pregnant women.
- Inhalation. Pour into an inhaler, 4-6 drops of essential oil in 150 ml of boiling water. Repeat three times daily.

4 - Angina Start :

Angina is an acute inflammation of the throat caused by infection also called pharyngitis. Try the leek pepper poultice copiously. Apply to your throat compress a large covered with a good layer of cooked leeks still warm. Take hold with a scarf and leave at least 10 minutes.

5 - A good pumice:

This remedy our grandparents to fight the flu ailments consists of a cup of boiling water, a large teaspoon of honey, lemon and 30-60 ml (1-2 oz) gin (made from grain and juniper berries). Everything makes you sweat and helps to relieve the flu.

6 - Bronchitis Start:

The mustard poultice, found in pharmacies, comes from a home remedy. Mix 1 tablespoon dry mustard with water or molasses. Spread the mixture on a cloth or brown paper (throw it all afterwards and apply on the chest or back fifteen minutes or until it warms up. It's effective, but prolonged application can burn the skin.

7 -  Garlic :

  As surprising as it may seem, garlic is also an effective remedy against him cold and flu symptoms since it allows to treat respiratory infections. In this case, it may be used in different ways:

- Fresh garlic. Consuming the equivalent of 4 cloves garlic (16 g) per day in order to guard against the cold.
- dried Garlic . Take 2 to 4 g of dried garlic powder, 3 times a day to prevent colds.
- Dyeing. Take 2 to 4 ml, 3 times per day, if the cold has been contracted.

8 - Spicy spices and herbs :

Cayenne pepper, horseradish or wasabi, added to dishes could help unclog the nose. They have the effect of contracting the blood vessels of the nose and throat, temporarily relieving congestion.

Order: so many spices that you are able to tolerate.

Helpful hint : against fever, try ayurvedic remedy: Mix ½ teaspoon each of cinnamon and coriander powder and ¼ teaspoon ginger in a cup of hot water. Let steep for 10 minutes before drinking.

9 - Chicken Soup :

Hot soup raises the temperature of the nose and throat, creating an environment for inhospitaliser virus, which prefer cold and drought. The steaming soup clears mucus, which then drains more easily.

Order : take a steaming bowl as soon as symptoms appear .

Helpful hint: vegetarians can consume vegetable soup rather than chicken, the effect is the same .

10 -  Flu season is drawing near, here is a great natural flu shot !! 

DIY 5 NATURAL Cough, Cold and Flu remedies Recypes  | HOME REMEDIES 

- Recype 1 : 

Cold & Flu Home Remedies : Flu season is drawing near, here is a great natural flu shot !! 

- Recype 2 :  

Cold & Flu Home Remedies : Flu season is drawing near, here is a great natural flu shot !! 

- Recype 3 :  

Cold & Flu Home Remedies : Flu season is drawing near, here is a great natural flu shot !! 

Note: I remind you that in case of a real health problem, you should consult a doctor or other specialist. The remedies that are presented to you are brought to your attention and only indicative.

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