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How Apple Cider Vinegar Bath Can Help You Prevent And Relieve Arthritis Joint pain And More

Arthritis includes several conditions that are characterized by pain in the joints, ligaments and tendons, or in the bones. This disease is also characterized by pain caused by the inflammation of the tissue that connects the bone ends covered with cartilage. This tissue secretes the synovial fluid; A lubricant that protects the bones and facilitates movement.

How Apple Cider Vinegar Bath Can Help You Prevent And Relieve  Arthritis Joint pain And More
 According to experts, this disease is linked to genetic and environmental factors still little known. It can also occur after infection with a bacterium or a virus.Unfortunately, no conventional or alternative medicine can treat arthritis radically. There are nevertheless treatments that can alleviate certain symptoms.Inflammation can be explained by two phenomena: the fluid is produced excessively and accumulates in the joint, or the cells of the membrane multiply causing thickening. These phenomena cause swelling, pain and redness in the affected area.Here is a natural remedy that can help you prevent and relieve joint pain, this is cider vinegar. Its many properties make it particularly beneficial for the body.

Here are some of its benefits :

A tonic of the nervous system, the heart, which tackles fatigue
A digestive stimulant
Cell Regeneration Cleanser
A stimulant of the immune system
A blood sugar regulator


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Cider vinegar is naturally rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, C and P), essential acids, enzymes, minerals, trace elements and pectin. The latter is a soluble fiber that helps to lose weight. This remedy is therefore effective against circulatory disorders, intestinal disorders, hypertension, sunburn, insect bites or even joint pain.

To enjoy its benefits, mix cider vinegar with lukewarm water in a basin to soak your hands or feet, or make a cider vinegar bath mixed with warm water.Besides the bath, you can mix the cider vinegar with olive oil or coconut oil. Take 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar and a tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil and massage lightly the painful areas.It is also possible to drink cider vinegar to relieve arthritis. Mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar with ½ glass of water. It is advisable to consume this drink regularly, at each meal or at bedtime.

Therefore, do not hesitate to add cider vinegar to your diet to prevent or alleviate joint pain, but also to strengthen your immune system and for more energy. Cherry juice mixed with cider vinegar is also very beneficial. The
Cherry has many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can relieve joint pain. Scientists discovered that cherries were rich in anthocyanins, plant pigments with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.Cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid which acts directly against bacteria and has thirst quenching, disinfecting and curative properties. It also has an impressive potassium content (up to 1g per liter). Potassium protects the tissues that connect the bone ends and can cause joint pain, it maintains acid-base balance, treats drug and vaccine poisoning. Its acidity also helps to dissolve limestone deposits and promote their elimination at the joints, so it can help slow the progression of this disease.

Now that you know all the right tricks, you just have to get started !

Note: I remind you that in case of a real health problem, you should consult a doctor or other specialist. The remedies that are presented to you are brought to your attention and only indicative.

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